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Chiefs for Gender Equity


Who are the Chiefs for Gender Equity?

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The Chiefs for Gender Equity are a group of senior business leaders from prominent South Australian companies representing key industry sectors  brought together with the common aim of advancing gender equity.

The Chiefs are working to progress sustainable change within their own organisations and to increase the participation of women at the highest levels of industry.


The current membership of the Chiefs for Gender Equity group comprises of the following business leaders:

Scott Ashby Scott Ashby, PIRSA
Eva Balan-Vnuk Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, Microsoft Australia
Professor Mike Brooks, The University of Adelaide
Clare Harris, Surf Life Saving SA
David Martin David Martin, Finlaysons
Jacqui McGill Dr Jacqui McGill, Olympic Dam, BHP
Inca Pearce Inca Pearce, Vinehealth Australia
Glynn Phillips Glynn Phillips, BAE Systems Australia
Jane Pickering Jane Pickering, Eldercare Inc
Sandy Pitcher Sandy Pitcher, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Matthew Salisbury Matthew Salisbury, WSP
Rob Stobbe Rob Stobbe, SA Power Networks
Con Tragakis Con Tragakis, KPMG
Lester Wynne-Jones Lester Wynne-Jones, Westpac

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