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Chiefs for Gender Equity profile - Lester Wynne-Jones

State General Manager, WestpacLester Wynne-Jones

Lester Wynne-Jones joined Westpac in February 2015 as the Westpac Retail Bank’s State General Manager, SANTAS. Based in Adelaide, Lester is responsible for Westpac’s Retail banking business and branch presence in South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory comprising of 62 branches and more than 500 employees.

Lester holds an extensive international banking career. Lester worked in the United Kingdom as HSBC’s Regional Director responsible for the Retail Banking and Wealth Management business for the South East of England in the UK. Lester has also held various senior management roles in Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

Lester has supported a great number of charities and community endeavours over the years and is particularly passionate about helping young people including those who have special needs.

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