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Promoting your policies

It is important that all staff, including contractors and casual workers, know about and understand your policies and where to find them. You may need to translate them into other languages or distribute them in ways which make it easy for everyone to access.

If your business is a shop or service, your customers also need to know about your policies.

Your policies can be officially endorsed by you and launched at a staff meeting. Emphasise that everyone is required to comply.

Here are some ways to promote your policies in and outside your business:

  • publish them on your website or intranet
  • produce brochures for staff and customers
  • periodically attach copies to pay slips or email them to staff
  • display them on notice boards
  • include them in company manuals, business plans and performance appraisals
  • discuss them at staff meetings
  • give them to new staff and get an acknowledgement signature
  • make someone responsible for updating and circulating your policies regularly.

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