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Maintaining an EO workplace culture

Asking your staff about your workplace culture can give you a good insight into your business.

A well constructed survey can indicate levels of staff morale and show you where there may be need for improvement.

You can download the sample survey below to use as a way of finding out how your business is performing with equal opportunity. Adapt the sample to suit your business.

You might also consider collecting information on different groups in your workforce and compare them in terms of:

  • employment status - full time, part time, casual or contract
  • pay levels
  • decision-making powers
  • access to training and promotions
  • retention rates.

If you find that some groups are worse off than others, you may need to take steps to improve your workplace culture.

There are easy ways to keep track of equal opportunity in your business. You can:

  • record any discrimination and harassment complaints
  • observe leave patterns
  • interview staff when they leave your business
  • analyse your customer base.

You will need to review, check and update your policies and procedures regularly and ensure your staff and customers are familiar with them.

Put someone in charge of keeping your policies and procedures up to date with the law.

Consider training staff from the top down. Managers and supervisors set the culture and lead the rest of the workforce, and should be trained first.

To make sure equal opportunity awareness is maintained:

  • communicate equal opportunity from the top
  • identify any skills gaps in your management and consider training
  • make equal opportunity part of inducting new staff
  • appoint and train contact people.
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