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Choosing contact people

A small business would only require one equal opportunity contact person. Larger organisations may need a contact person in each branch, section or department. All staff should know who their contact person is.

Who makes a good contact person?

Good contact people:

  • reflect the diversity and gender balance of the workplace
  • are senior enough to be taken seriously
  • have the confidence of the staff
  • are able to deal with personal and sensitive issues
  • maintain confidentiality yet can judge when an issue needs to be referred to management.

How to choose contact people

  • Define the contact person role, limiting it to information and support, not complaint handling.
  • Call for expressions of interest.
  • Invite people recommended by staff, their union or supervisor to nominate.
  • Consult with appropriate staff before appointing.
  • Never force a person to take on the role.
  • Ensure contact people represent your workforce and are trained.

Once you have appointed a contact person, have them trained. They can attend a contact person training course at the Equal Opportunity Commission.

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