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Public transport passenger called a 'poofter'

Rudy found that his public transport ticket was not working.  He took it to an inspector, Ian, who yelled and spoke to Rudy as if he was doing something wrong.  Rudy reported it to the transport company, and as a result he received an apology.  However, he came across Ian on the same service a few days later and he called Rudy a "poofter".

Rudy made a complaint of sexuality discrimination.  As a result of conciliation, a further verbal apology was given him by the company, and he was sent a letter outlining the actions it would take to resolve the complaint.

At conciliation, Rudy accepted the apology and the settlement proposed put forward by the company, which was that they would provide copies of relevant policies to Rudy, to investigate the allegations of Ian's misconduct in accordance with its disciplinary procedure, to review its complaint procedures and the timeliness of its response to complaints, to complete harassment and bullying training for all staff, to provide an outline of the training to the complainant, to review and monitor behaviour in the workplace, to send Rudy twelve concession tickets allowing travel before 9 am, and six concession multi-trip tickets allowing travel between 9am and 3pm and to pay Rudy $1,000.

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