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Sexuality slurs - 'dry humour' or discrimination?


Kym worked in a metropolitan radio station.  He was being bullied at work about being gay, and it was affecting his health, causing depression, and suicidal feelings. He raised the issue with his manager and asked for action to be taken. 

He was told, however, that the person who made the remarks had a "dry humour" and that Kym should wait and see if anything else was said over the next few days.  He also raised the complaint at his regular performance review and asked that action be taken, but was not aware of anything being done.

He made a complaint of sexuality discrimination.  The station said they had tried to resolve Kym's complaints by mediation.  However, they noted that he had a history of not appreciating the impact of his own behaviour on others.

Kym reached a private settlement with the station, negotiated independently of the Commission after the conciliation conference.

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