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Threatened in own home because of sexuality

Mike and Greg lived together in an Adelaide suburb.  Their property was assessed by the local council for installation of a new driveway.  When the worker arrived to do the work he made derogatory comments about Mike and Greg's sexuality after seeing them together in the house.  Some of the comments he made were, "You faggots don't deserve to have this work done… I will make you wait", and "I know people who will bash you up".  The worker then refused to finish the work promised.  Mike and Greg were angry and felt humiliated by these remarks.

Mike and Greg complained to the local council but were told that the worker was an independent contractor and not the council's responsibility.  Mike and Greg then made a complaint to the Commission.

At conciliation, the Council agreed to provide all contract workers with written information about their responsibilities regarding discrimination, that all people requesting a copy of council policy will receive one free of charge and a made a commitment to ensure that their staff are aware of their discrimination policy. A payment of $500 each was made to Mark and Greg for injury to feeling.

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