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Colquhoun v SA Trailer Boat Club [2007] SAEOT 1

In 1979 Ms Colquhoun applied for membership of the SA Trailer Boat Club. Ms Colquhoun had been involved with the club since she was a child and her father was a life member. Ms Colquhoun was advised that the club was not accepting applications for female members when she applied at various times. She was told that if this policy changed she would be invited to fill the next vacancy.

In 2006 Ms Colquhoun again applied for membership and her application was unsuccessful. Ms Colquhoun understood that she had again been refused membership because of her sex.

The Tribunal found that the club had discriminated against Ms Colquhoun because of her sex. Even though the club had never had a female member, it was not able to show it was a male only club, as the rules did not stipulate this as a membership requirement.

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