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Disability employment logoThe Equal Opportunity Commission, together with a number of partnering agencies, commenced a project in July 2014 aimed at improving the number and experiences of the employment of people with disability in the South Australian public sector.

The project was motivated by the South Australian Strategic Plan (‘SASP’) Target 50, which aims to increase the number of people with a disability employed in South Australia by 10% by 2020. The project was supported by the Change@SouthAustralia SA public sector initiative.

Goals of the project were:

  • employing at least 5 people with intellectual disability in the public sector
  • designing and/or identifying a consistent and current online disability awareness tool for SA government employees and
  • collating good practice examples

Support and economic benefits gained by employers through the employment of a person with disability can be immeasurable. Employees with disability are reliable and productive team members. Research has revealed ‘up to 39 per cent lower absenteeism and use of sick leave among staff with disability when compared with other employees’
(Graffam, J, Shinkfield, A, Smith, K, and Polzin, U 2002, ‘Employer benefits and costs of employing a person with a disability’, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, vol. 17, pp. 251-263).

Having a diverse workforce that reflects the wider community it serves and represents means a more productive organisation that better meets the needs of clients and stakeholders. People with disability contribute a range of skills, abilities and experience to the workplace. 

The project drew on a number of online resources for employers and employees that support the planning for and ongoing employment of a person with disability.

This webpage provides links to these useful resources for anyone considering employing a person with disability. This includes information about subsidies and services which can cover the cost of recruiting and supporting a person in the workplace and which encourage employers to consider engaging a person with disability in meaningful work.

Resources for employing a person with disability by topic:

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