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The future of Human Rights Globally

Mary Robinson
Date and time: 
11 November, 2002 - 13:00

"Clearly, in the wake of 11 September last year, the environment for human rights advances has changed significantly, in some cases putting at risk progress already achieved. Calls for global justice have been increasingly muted by calls for global security.

The terrorist attacks in the United States and subsequent attacks, including last month's horrific events in Bali, together with Security Council consideration of action against Iraq, and heightened tension relation to North Korea, cast a deepening shadow over our attempts to strengthen a culture of human rights internationally, In Bali, many of those who perished were from Australia - and I empathise with you as a national and extend my sincerest sympathies to those who lost family and friends in that senseless act of terrorism. I have previously described such actions as a crime against humanity - all humanity."


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