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Mitchell Orations

The Mitchell Oration recognises Dame Roma Mitchell's lifelong advocacy for human rights and preventing discrimination. Dame Roma was particularly interested in rights for women, indigenous Australians and ethnic Australians. Dame Roma served as the first female judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia and later became the Chair of the Australian Human Rights Commission and the first woman to be appointed Governor of South Australia.

For each Mitchell Oration, the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia selects a community leader to present current issues about human rights with the aim of carrying on the work of Dame Roma through developing ways to counter discrimination.

Below is a list of the Mitchell Orations beginning with the inaugural presention by Dame Roma in 1989 entitled - "Looking Back… Looking Forward".


Honourable Justice Mary Gaudron
24 August, 1990 - 13:00


Dame Roma Mitchell
11 October, 1989 - 14:00

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