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The Greatest Asset Project

The Greatest Asset - Overcoming Age Discrimination Project was funded by the Office of the Ageing, SA Health and aims to address age discrimination in the workplace through a Workforce Planning framework. Given South Australia is the state with the oldest population in mainland Australia, the project emphasises the benefit to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) of retaining and employing workers over 45 years. This is not just because it’s in the best interests of the workers; older workers can, do and will play a significant role in future business growth and productivity in South Australia.

For employers/small businesses

An online tool for employers has been developed and includes a simple workforce planning checklist and two resources to raise employers’ awareness of their current and future workforce, and the working life stages of their employees. The tool also includes links to useful resources about South Australian industries, and support available to employers when engaging older workers.

Greatest Asset employer tool screenshot
(click to use the Greatest Asset Employer Tool)

To directly access the checklist and tools contained in the Greatest Asset Employer tool, use the following links:

Back-of-the-Envelope Workforce Planning Tool

Workforce Planning Checklist for Employers

Employer Workforce Planning Survey/Tool

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For employees/individuals

An online tool has been developed for employees that includes:

  • contextual information about South Australia
  • a survey to help you think about your current and future work-life (with a handy printable form at the end)
  • a useful resources file with information about South Australian industries, age discrimination and equal opportunity information and links to other services.

The tool is aimed at people over 45 years of age who are looking for work, and who may or may not be currently employed.

Greatest Asset employee tool screenshot

(click to use the Greatest Asset Employee Tool) 

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