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SAPOL Restorative Engagement Program - Eligibility

"A formal and consultative process throughout.... I was able to have my say without being rushed or made to feel that I was not honest" - REP Participant.



Here you’ll find information on who can take part in the Restorative Engagement Program and the types of complaints that can be considered.

o What constitutes sexual harassment, sex discrimination or predatory behaviour?

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that could offend or humiliate someone or make them afraid.

This could include:

• comments about a person’s private life (for example, their sexual history or activities)

• sexualised comments, jokes or name-calling

• sexually suggestive behaviour (such as leering, staring, sexual gestures or indecent exposure)

• repeated direct or implied propositions or requests for dates

• unwelcome touching, including kissing, hugging, or cornering a person

• sexual pictures, objects, emails, text message or literature

• requests or pressure for sex or other sexual acts

• stalking, sexual assault or rape

Sex discrimination is where a person receives less favourable treatment due to their gender, and includes all forms of gender-based discrimination (eg discrimination based on pregnancy, gender identity or sexual orientation).

This could include:

• not promoting or hiring a woman because the boss thinks she won't fit into the workplace

• dividing up work tasks based on gender or sexual orientation

• rejection of flexible working arrangements to accommodate caring responsibilities

• differences in pay for the same work

• refusing to consider women for certain roles

• insisting women wear different clothing at work to men

Predatory behaviour involves the misuse of authority to exploit others for sexual or other gratification.

This could include:

• Threatening an individual

• Manipulating someone to perform a certain act for their gratification

o Who is the program available to?

The Restorative Engagement Program is available to people current and former, sworn and unsworn SAPOL staff who worked in SAPOL between 1 December 2006 and 31 December 2016 and experienced sexual harassment, sex discrimination or predatory behaviour within that time.

Requests to take part in the REP that involve incidents that fall outside this timeframe will be considered on a case by case basis. You may also wish to consider contacting some of the support services available to both current and former SAPOL staff, or other mechanisms to make a complaint.

Complaints must be considered plausible to be accepted for the Restorative Engagement Program, and the service is not available to family members or friends of complainants.

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible, call the EOC on 08 8207 1977 or email RestorativeEngagement@sa.gov.au to arrange a confidential chat.

o What's considered a 'plausible' allegation?

When an application is made to take part in the Restorative Engagement Program, there will be a preliminary assessment to determine whether an application is ‘plausible’.

This may include consideration of details including whether the complainant was employed at SAPOL at the time of the alleged incident.

o What if I have multiple complaints?

We can still consider your application if you have multiple complaints. Contact the EOC on 08 8207 1977 for guidance on how to fill out your application form.

o Is the REP available in regional South Australia?

Yes. This is a statewide program, and arrangements will be made to ensure it’s available to any former or current staff in regional South Australia.

o I’ve already reported this matter. Can I still take part?

This process is independent, impartial and entirely separate from any other disciplinary proceedings that may be underway.

You may still be able to participate in the program, however your matter may need to be suspended at certain points to allow other proceedings to occur.

If you have entered into a confidentiality agreement involving these proceedings, you can discuss your options with the EOC by calling 08 8207 1977 or emailing RestorativeEngagement@sa.gov.au

"Although initially (I) was fearful of speaking out and reluctant, (the REP team) were extremely professional, respectful and sensitive to the issues, which was the game changer in participating in the programme. Their respectful support made all the difference in being able to participate" - REP Participant.

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