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SAPOL Restorative Engagement Program Privacy Protection

"(The REP Team) were amazing and very helpful and respectful.  It felt real and accordingly I will let others know of the positive experience" - REP Participant.


Privacy protection

The Restorative Engagement Program appreciates the sensitivity of matters to be discussed through this process, and has taken steps to ensure the privacy of participants is protected. Here you can find information about what we have done to keep your information safe and secure.

o Who will see my complaint?

The REP team will be the only ones to see this material, to assess whether your complaint is accepted.

If your application is accepted, a summary of your story will be prepared in consultation with you. This will be provided to the SAPOL representative for your Restorative Engagement Conference. The representative will not be allowed to reproduce or record the summary, and must return it to the facilitator at the end of the conference.

All your documentation, including your Personal Account Form, will be stored in a secure, confidential file.

o How is my privacy protected?

The REP is confidential, and all of your information will not be accessible to members of SAPOL, the EOC or other organisations.

Where possible, the REP will de-identify records to ensure that your personal information is protected.

Some material may be disclosed for legal or safety reasons. If you have concerns, please contact the EOC on 08 8207 1977 or email RestorativeEngagement@sa.gov.au

o Can I access information the REP holds about me?

If you are a complainant, you can access documents held by the REP relating to your personal information. However some documents may not be accessed (for example, if they contain information about a third party).

You are encouraged to keep copies of any material you submit through this process. To make a request for any documents, contact the EOC on 08 8207 1977 or emailing RestorativeEngagement@sa.gov.au

o What happens to my information?

All documentation will be stored in a secure, confidential file by the REP – in accordance with the State Records Act 1997.

Specific, identifying information will not be shared with SAPOL or other organisations. However, broad themes and statistics will be summarised for reporting and evaluation purposes, with all material de-identified before it is shared by the REP.

If the REP is required to release any identifying information (for example, for legal or safety reasons), the REP will consult with you beforehand.

o Will my information be given to SAPOL?

With the exception of the