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Videos and eCourses

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We have produced a number of videos in recent years to provide information and assist with EO training. Please use the contact us link at the top of any page if you would like to provide feedback that we can use to make improvements to the videos online section.

Conciliation video screenshot Conciliation is a short video overview of the conciliation conference process at the Commission.
Real Stories: Carers - carers and employers talk about carers as employees, and how employers can help them balance their responsibilities.

Training videos

These seven short videos are designed to support organisations in running their own equal opportunity awareness programs. Individuals can also use the videos online section to increase their EO awareness. Each video below presents a scenario for exploring discrimination in the workplace.

The videos can be viewed online or downloaded free from the website. Each video is accompanied by a set of 6 questions for learning practical techniques to deal with discrimination issues your business might confront. You may choose to use the videos and questions with staff, or have staff members work through a package.

crossing_the_line_small.jpg Crossing the Line explores race discrimination and an approach for managing behaviour in the workplace.
Generation gap Generation Gap begins a discussion on bullying and age discrimination with care workers at a nursing home having a dispute.
Sitting down on the job Sitting Down on the Job considers an employee’s request for seating after a sports injury with a discussion between Human Resources and management.
Single mum Single Mum’s a Special Case is concerned with two colleagues who are arguing about the extra workload placed on one by the other!
Different rules Different Rules looks at a customer being treated unfavourably by a shop employee.
Two faced Two Faced provides an everyday illustration of bullying and possibly age discrimination with an older worker undermining a new employee and supervisor.
Suspicion in rental market Suspicion in Rental Market is an example of day-to-day discrimination felt by some seeking rental accommodation.

The videos are available on CD or DVD at minimal cost. Contact us to arrange for a copy.

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Other videos

Here are some other short videos on equal opportunity issues>>


These videos are available for free downloading from our website to support organisations in running their own equal opportunity awareness programs. We do not authorise the use of our videos by commercial training providers in courses offered on a fee for service basis.

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