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Production credits

A Shorelight production in association with the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.


Crossing the Line

Richard Andy Cienciala
Mick Rodney Hutton
Greg Checc Musolino

Generation Gap

John Roger Newcombe
Angus Lincoln Zomer
Marla Peta Long
Carmel Leona Hermann
Resident Ellen Deale

Sitting Down on the Job

Sandy Carmel Johnson
Les Jamie Hill
Roger James Simpsom

Single Mum’s a Special Case

Wayne Michael Hill
Annette Fiona Fulwood
Reece Robson A. Crawford

Different Rules

Store Manager James Black
Customer Jasmine Valadian
Shop Assistant Simone Dunstone

Two Faced

Cassius Phil Monaghan
Julian Luke Clayson
Mark Dieter Kosiol

Suspicion in Rental Market

Atong Achuei Chol
Atong's Friend Jo-Anne Dunstan


Produced, Directed & Edited by Christopher Rieckmann
Executive Producers Janet Skewes & David Hawke
Director of Photography Nick Robinson
Production Manager Martin Walker
1st Assistant Director Nectaria Psilacos
B Camera Operator Zoe Coates
Camera Assistant Timothy K. Young
Sound Recordist Martin Gilbert
Make-Up Artist Marie Puccini

Written by the Trainers at the Equal Opportunity Commission

Special thanks to:

Adelaide City Council
The City of Onkaparinga
ACH Group
Cheap as Chips
Vicki & John Clements
Actors Ink
S.A. Casting
Equal Opportunity Commission Staff
And all of the extras involved

Equal Opportunity Commission 
© Copyright 2006

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