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Gay dogs not welcome

Ian Jolly, who has a hereditary eye disease, was barred from dining at the Thai Spice restaurant with his guide dog. This was despite the fact that the restaurant displays a “guide dogs welcome” sign and Mr Jolly showed staff a guide dogs fact card. The restaurant owner said a staff member mistook his guide dog for a “gay dog.”

Mr Jolly took his complaint to the Commission, which attempted to conciliate the complaint. In conciliation, the owners and staff said they were unaware as to how Guide Dogs worked, and claimed it was a misunderstanding. They associated a blind man with someone who wore dark glasses and used a white stick.

The Tribunal ordered that the restaurant owners provide Mr Jolly with a written apology, and pay him $1500 for humiliation and injured feelings upon being refused service in the restaurant. The owners would also attend, along with staff in contact with the public, an education course regarding the use of the working Guide Dog.

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