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Human Rights Day 2012

Media Release:
Protecting human rights - your right to be heard in South Australia

Rights Protection agencies in South Australia are raising awareness of their services in the lead up to Human Rights Day, Monday 10 December 2012.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognises the inherent rights we all have to dignity and equality, including the right to:

  • equality before the law
  • participate fully in community life
  • freedom of thought and religion
  • fair work conditions and
  • a decent standard of living.

Independent rights protection agencies are reminding all South Australians about their right to be heard when speaking up and making a complaint.

The Equal Opportunity Commissioner says people have a right to participate in all areas of public life. “Unlawful discrimination is an attack on human rights and has no place in our society,” says Commissioner Anne Gale.

The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights says victims of crime are entitled to access to justice and fair treatment, yet too often victims’ rights are overlooked. Victims’ rights, as human rights, are integral to justice,” says Michael O’Connell.

Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner Steve Tully says “only a small percentage of people who want to complain speak up”.

Sometimes an action by a state government department or a local council may infringe a human right. The Ombudsman can investigate complaints about this.

Download the media release below.

Joint media release from the Equal Opportunity Commission, Office of the Employee Ombudsman, South Australian Ombudsman, Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner, Office of the Public Advocate, Commissioner for Victim's Rights, Public Trustee, Office of the WorkCover Ombudsman.

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