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Human rights of international students


Australia and New Zealand Race Relations Roundtable 2009

The rights of international students are a significant human rights concern for national, state and territory human rights commissions in Australia and New Zealand.

Commissioners at the annual Australia and New Zealand Race Relations Roundtable, held in Sydney this week, view recent instances of racial harassment, abuse and violence directed at international students as symptoms of a whole range of human rights issues that need to be addressed, including their rights to non discrimination, equality of treatment, security of the person, access to justice, housing, information, freedom of religion and culture, and labour rights.

Numbers of international students have grown rapidly over recent years and now make up a significant group of over half a million Australian residents whose human rights need to be safeguarded. There has also been rapid growth in New Zealand.

At the Roundtable, Commissioners heard directly from international student representatives, researchers, education providers and government agencies.

To read more about the issues facing international students and the outcomes of the Roundtable, go to the website below.

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