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Making a complaint

If you think you have been unlawfully discriminated against, sexually harassed or victimised you may be able to lodge a complaint under the South Australian Equal Opportunity Act.

To find out if your complaint is covered by the Equal Opportunity Act, see When is discrimination against the law? or contact us and talk to one of our staff. We can arrange interpreters if required.

Our service is free and impartial.

When you are ready to make a complaint

  1. Read our fact sheet 'Making a complaint' and use our checklist for lodging a complaint
  2. Submit a complaint form in one of three ways:

There is a time limit to make a complaint. You have 12 months to lodge a complaint from when the act of discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation happened. Under certain circumstances, late complaints may also be accepted. More information about time limits and late complaints can be found in this section.

Please limit your complaint summary to a maximum of 5 pages. If we required additional information we will contact you.

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