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Customer service

Equal opportunity law applies to withholding goods and services from people or giving them different terms or conditions. It covers:

  • shops and restaurants
  • access to and use of public places
  • transport or travel
  • any profession or trade
  • councils and government departments
  • banks, credit and insurance providers
  • employment agencies
  • scholarships, prizes and awards
  • entertainment and recreation
  • introduction agencies
  • sport, including coaching and umpiring.


Anita was refused a loan to buy a computer because the bank said that being over 65 she may not be able to meet the repayments. Anita had enough savings to service the loan. Anita could claim she was discriminated against by the bank because of her age.



Marshal has a vision impairment. He complained that his local Council was failing to enforce its policies on footpath access, against shops whose displays blocked the footpath. The matter was settled when the Council agreed to issue warnings to businesses identified in the complaint, and to revise its policy in consultation with people with disabilities.

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