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Recruitment agencies

Many employers use recruitment agencies to find employees. Some employers think they are handing over all legal responsibilities to the recruitment agency. This may not be the case.

If an employer asks a recruitment agency to choose people based on certain personal characteristics, they may be illegally discriminating.

If an employer asks a recruitment agency to find employees of a specific:

or tells them they do not want people because of their:

a discrimination complaint could be made against both the employer and the recruitment agency


Céline, 45, applied for a job as flight attendant on an airline. Although she knew she was better qualified than other applicants, Céline was refused the job. It emerged that the airline had asked a recruitment agency for an applicant shortlist with “youth and mojo”, and Céline had been discriminated against because of her age. Both the airline and the agency were liable.

If you think you have been discriminated against when applying for work through a recruitment agency, contact us for advice.

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