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What to do if you don't get the job

If you don't get a job, you can ask the employer why you weren't selected. Employers don't have to, but they should tell you something about why they didn't choose you.

Under equal opportunity law, employers cannot discriminate against job applicants because of their:

If you have a disability and you are the best person for the job, employers should choose you and provide any special facilities or services you need to do the job, unless it would cause them unjustifiable hardship.

If you think you did not get a job because of unfair discrimination, contact us for advice


During a job interview for a nurse's position at a private hospital, Carol was asked if she'd had any past injuries. She told the hospital she'd had a back operation a few years ago, but it was now completely healed and didn't affect her ability to lift. She didn't get the job and was told it was given to someone else "for her sake". She asked if it was because she disclosed her past injury but was given no more information. Carol could claim the hospital unfairly discriminated against her because of her injury.

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