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AICD Board Diversity Scholarships

New scholarship round aims to increase gender diversity on boards

The Australian Institute of Company Directors has announced it will partner with the Australian Government to offer 140 scholarships for women to undertake its courses with the aim of lifting female representation on boards and in senior executive positions.

“This scholarship round is the latest in a series of initiatives we have undertaken to help improve gender diversity in our boardrooms. It represents a serious commitment of resources from both the Australian Government and ourselves as we recognise that the business case for board diversity is very strong,” said John Colvin, chief executive and managing director of Company Directors.

In brief, the Program will award scholarships to women through three core streams:

1. Rural and Remote Scholarships (applications open on 14th July 2014 and close on Thursday 31 July) - will award 30 scholarship women living in rural and remote locations (including up to $2,000 an allocation for travel costs) to undertake the Company Directors Course.

2. Board Ready Scholarships (opening September 2014) – aimed at women who are seeking to transition from their executive to a board career or professional non-executive directors seeking to advance their board career. In this stream 45 Company Directors Course and 25 for Mastering the Boardroom scholarships will be awarded.

3. Sector Development Scholarships (opening February 2015) – aimed at women currently working in executive roles in male dominated sectors to undertake governance education aimed at supporting and developing their executive careers. In this stream 20 scholarships will be awarded for the Company Directors Course and 20 for the Foundations of Directorship program.

Visit the Australian Institute of Company Directors website for further information.

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