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New diversity guide for employers

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The Australian Government has released a new guide for employers about diversity in the workplace. Strengthening Your Business Through Diversity explains why diversity makes sense and lists support available to diversify your workforce.

Why diversify?

There are many social and economic reasons that make diversity in the workplace a great business case.

Gain access to a growing and often untapped source of potential employees

Many organisations, especially those in industries affected by skill shortages, are meeting skills needs by taking the opportunity to employ people from diverse backgrounds, such as mature age workers, Indigenous Australians or people with disability.

Matching the demographics of the Australian community

Our community, and your customers, come from all walks of life - so why shouldn’t your employees?

It is well known that customers relate best to people like them. Diversifying your workforce can help you better understand and talk to the different members of your community.

Download the guide below to read more.

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