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Sexual Harassment still widespread

Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, released Working without fear: Results of the sexual harassment national telephone survey 2012 on 30 October, which shows that sexual harassment is not only widespread in Australian workplaces, but that progress in addressing it has stalled.

“This research is conducted every four years and shows that little has changed,” Commissioner Broderick said. “It shows that approximately one in five people aged 15 years and older were sexually harassed in the workplace in the past five years, an extraordinary figure.”

The research shows that one in four women (25%) and one in six men (16%) have been sexually harassed in the workplace in the past five years. If a person’s entire lifetime is considered, the gender gap is even more profound with a third of women (33%) and less than one in ten men (9%) experiencing sexual harassment.

The survey provides the only national and trend data on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces and is available at: www.humanrights.gov.au/sexualharassment/survey/


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