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Submission on proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act

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In April 2014, members of the Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities (ACHRA) made a joint submission on the Freedom of Speech (Repeal of s 18C) Bill 2014 - Exposure Draft.

ACHRA members making the submission were:

  • Equal Opportunity Commission (South Australia)
  • Anti-Discrimination Commission (Northern Territory)
  • Anti-Discrimination Commission (Queensland)
  • Equal Opportunity Commission (Western Australia)
  • Human Rights and Discrimination Commissioner (ACT)
  • Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (Tasmania)

Taken as a whole ACHRA considers that the changes will considerably lessen the protections available to people in Australia against racism, and particularly those who are most vulnerable to the impact of discrimination and racial hatred. The submission supports the view that the draft Bill should not proceed in its current form.

The submission can be viewed by using the link below.

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