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Worker on maternity leave told she could only return full time

Paulina was employed full time by an engineering company. She became pregnant and applied for six months’ maternity leave. She requested a return to work based on three days per week, and was told that this would be seriously considered and details worked out upon her return. However, just before returning to work, Paulina was told that she could only return to a full-time position, and that if she did not accept this she would be made redundant.

She made a complaint to the Commission. The company replied that Paulina's position had been made redundant while she was on maternity leave, but that they understood her distress and they would reconsider their workplace policy regarding fair treatment of workers.
As a result of discussions between the parties before the matter came to conciliation, Paulina's advocate and the company agreed that they would pay her $10,000, give her a letter of apology, and review their policy regarding parental leave.

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