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Council causes problems for disabled person and her carer

Corinna had a disability and was cared for by Bill. Corinna and Bill, claimed discrimination on the grounds of disability and caring responsibilities. They arranged for their local council to perform work on the street and footpath outside their house, but the Council provided minimal notice of the commencement of work. Due to Corinna's disability she was unable to walk long distances, and could not walk to the end of the street where the only car parking was available. So she and Bill stayed in a hotel for the duration of the work.

They made a complaint to Commission. When asked for a response, the Council at first denied treating the Bill and Corinna unfavourably because of a disability or caring responsibilities.

In a conciliation conference, the Council agreed to reimburse Bill and Corinna's expenses in staying away from home. This amounted to $1,350. The Council also gave an assurance that their practices would be reviewed.

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