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Sacked for caring responsibilities

Reg worked for a medium-sized metropolitan-based building contractor. He took three days off work as his wife was about to give birth, but Reg was made to feel extremely bad for taking time off work for this reason. A few days later, his employer called him and said he was needed at work saying they were very busy and he had been taking too much time off. Two months later, his wife called him at work saying she was very sick and needed him to come home. He tried to call his boss a few times but there was no answer, so he went home anyway. The next day he was sacked.

Reg made a complaint of discrimination to the Commission on the basis of his caring responsibilities. When asked for a response, the boss said that Reg had been dismissed on the basis of his poor work performance, poor work ethic, and failure to complete time sheets accurately.

A conciliation conference was held, leading to the boss agreeing to settle the complaint by paying Reg $1,600 for pain and suffering.

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