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Sixty year old pruner told he was too old to apply


Harry contacted a regional labour hire agency about getting work as a grapevine pruner. First, he was asked if he took drugs. He answered, "No." Then he was asked how old he was. Harry answered: "A very fit sixty years old." He was then told that he was too old to apply, and the agency hung up on him. 

Harry made a complaint to the Equal Opportunity Commission.

When approached for a response, the labour hire agency said that the telephone advisor did not recall the conversation, but they agreed that the alleged behaviour was inappropriate. The agency insisted that they employed people up to retirement age, and it was not in their interests to disregard potential employees - nor was it consistent with their practice to be rude or hang up on callers.

Through conciliation, the company agreed to interview him. Harry was happy with their response, and this settled the complaint.

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