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Woman refused service without her husband present


Davide rang a company to enquire about buying a rainwater tank. She wanted to make an appointment for someone to visit and discuss the purchase, but she was asked if her husband would be present. Davide said that she did not know - and anyway she was paying for the tank, not him. The person on the telephone told her that it was company policy not to conduct business with women unless their husbands were present, and they refused to send a salesman to discuss the purchase without Davide’s husband being there.

She made a complaint of sex discrimination to the Commission. The company explained that they get everyone involved in the installation present at the order stage, to avoid "unwanted accusations" during or after their work is completed, regardless of who contacts them.

The company apologised if their process upset or offended her. Davide was happy with this response, and this ended the complaint.

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