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Health care worker subject to regular sexual harassment by client

Zoe worked for a health care service, providing personal homecare and domestic assistance. She claimed she was regularly subjected to sexual harassment. A client grabbed at her to expose her breasts, asked her to show them to him - and he asked her if she knew anyone who would provide sex for money,which she took as a proposition to her. Zoe stopped working for him and told her manager. The manager asked her to email her complaint to him, but as she did not have an email account she did not do this. Zoe said she rang him a few weeks later to enquire about her complaint, but was told that it was still being processed. She had not heard from the service since.
Zoe made a complaint to the Commission. The service manager responded saying that he had phoned Zoe a week after he asked her to send the complaint in writing. He expressed doubt as to whether the client grabbed Zoe, as he is physically unable to move his arms.

The matter was conciliated with the health service offering to review their employee procedures; they also provided Zoe with an apology for feeling sexually harassed and unsupported by the organisation, and $15,000 for her medical costs.

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