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Carla's son mocked

Carla applied at a real estate agent for a rental property, and went into the office with her son to drop off her application. Her son, Leon, has an autism-spectrum disorder, and he made noises due to being in strange environment (as his particular coping mechanism). A staff member asked what was wrong with her son, and when Carla apologised telling her had an autism-spectrum disorder, the staff member laughed at her and her son. This distressed Leon, who hid under a table. When Carla left the office, she saw the staff member throw her application into the bin.

After discussions with the Equal Opportunity Commission, she made a complaint of disability discrimination. The agent said they they would take serious note of the matter. Investigating with staff, they suggested that Carla may have misinterpreted their friendliness.

At conciliation, the agent gave a written apology for the behaviour of her staff member, and offered $50 as a settlement.

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