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Breathing apparatus not covered by insurance

Adam uses a portable machine to assist his breathing because he has sleep apnoea. Planning to travel overseas, he tried to obtain additional luggage coverage as part of his travel insurance. to cover the machine. He was informed that the policy covered laptops, notebooks, handheld computers, cameras and video cameras up to $4,000, but all other items up to a value of only $700.

Adam felt this was disability discrimination, and complained to the Commission. The insurer was contacted, and they explained that they would not provide information because their company was based overseas and was owned by another company. It was suggested to the insurer that people complain to find out why a decision has been made, and this information may not satisfy that request for information.

Through conciliation, the insurer committed to review its policy requiring an additional premium for insuring items used for medical purposes, and would reimburse Adam the premium he payed for the sleep apnoea machine.

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